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Tacos El Precioso

When we met Devin Gonzalez, Chef and owner of Tacos El Precioso, he answered our question - ”What do you do?” in a few simple words…”I make tacos for a living and everyone likes tacos.” We couldn't argue with that.


With roots in Mexico and growing up in Texas, Devin found his way to Oakland which he is now proud to call home. With years of cooking and culinary experience in restaurants, meats, and farmers markets - Devin launched El Tacos Precioso, a taco pop up restaurant and catering, with a mission to make good food and create a positive impact for his community.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 4.18.48 PM.png

The tacos are insanely good. Of course he has some of the staples like al pastor and tinga de pollo but you may be surprised to hear that he also offers vegan options, such as his Summer squash and Napoles tacos. He does this not only as a means to serve the large and growing population of vegetarians and vegans in our community, but also to provide an alternative to those that are looking for similar taste profiles but without the meat. The point is Tacos El Precioso has something for everyone.

Their reach goes beyond just feeding just food as they often participate in fundraisers in our community. Be sure to follow @TacosElPrecioso on instagram to see when and where their next event is so you can try Devin's deliciously unique food. 

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